Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration

The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2020 is a collection of articles on current issues and hot topics in commercial and investment. The present 14th edition contains 25 contributions from altogether 57 leading practitioners and academics. Inspired by the theme of the Vienna Arbitration Days 2019, “Science and Innovation in Arbitration”, the Yearbook encompasses contributions dealing with

  • the impact of sciences in arbitral proceedings,
  • psychology in arbitration, and
  • the Hofstede Dimensions in international arbitration.

Other issues addressed are foreseeability of damages, third party funding and data protection in arbitration. Yearbook articles further deal with developments in Brazil, Belarus, and Austria. Procedural issues addressed relate to confidentiality, how to make effective use of experts, and strategies for mock arbitration. The chapter on Investment Arbitration deals with the change in effective control over a territory and its influence on BITs, security for costs, and arbitrating under the Energy Charter Treaty.

The Editors

Klausegger Christian, Klein Peter, Kremslehner Florian, Petsche Alexander, Pitkowitz Nikolaus, Welser Irene, Zeiler Gerold

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Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration

"... an excellent source for arbitration practitioners and business lawyers." (Hon.-Prof- Dr. Kurt Heller)

The Austrian Arbitration Yearbook is a collection of articles on domestic and international arbitration by leading practitioners.

The articles in the Yearbook analyze the implications of the most significant legislative changes in Austria and also compare these with other arbitral regimes elswhere in Europe arbitration in Austria or any other place.

The Austrian Arbitration Yearbook was published annually from 2007 to 2009.